Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I need to get a job

I was walking Chuckles and passed a house with the address of 1141. The first thing that came to mind was resulfurized free-machining steel (not "I am 3 blocks from home").

I just thought I would go to monster and see what's out there. I typed in the keyword of what I do and ONE job came up. ONE. It is two miles from my house at a company I have been trying to get an interview with for four and a half years. And they have an opening. For an entry-level technician. Should I submit my completely and totally over-qualified resume?

For an axample of how I am over-qualified (because this is not just me being snobby, for a change). The job does not require any college. I have a BS and some graduate work. The job requires 5-7 years experience. I have ten. The job would report to the manager of whatever. I have been the manager of whatever's boss. That's over-qualified. In fact, I don't even know if I would enjoy being the technician. It's not because I think I am too good for it. It's just because I'd always be wondering what these test results are going to tell someone or how they will be used. It's like taking a doctor and having her run teh blood tests and when she sees values that are way of out whack and wonders how ill that person is, she just has to pass the results on to someone else.

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