Thursday, March 29, 2007

News from Beyond my Front Porch

Iran captures British sailors. With today's satellite photo technology, it should be pretty easy to figure out whether teh Brits were in Iranian territorial waters. Can someone get on this? Doesn't really matter, because Iran is a rogue state and will do whatever teh hell it wants no matter what, but at least we'll have righteous indignation on our side.

Harvard accepted 9% of applicants this year, a record low. It doesn't sound that bad to me. When I was applying to college, my school took 13% of applicants. So, really, 9% or 13%, either way, it's a selective school. Harvard is upping its financial aid to families who make under $90,000 per year. If you truly want diversity of thought and not just diversity of skin color, this is an excellent way to go. A black person from Manhattan has a lot more in common with most folks at Harvard than a white kid from Appalachia.

If you are at unusually high risk for breast cancer, get an MRI according to new guidelines.

Have you seen Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars? She's not bad. Neither is Cliff Clavin from Cheers although he's no J. Peterman from Seinfeld.

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