Sunday, March 25, 2007

I knew it was going to be a long weekend when

Mr. Long-Suffering asked me where the Braun Ear Thermometer was at 1:00 Saturday morning. (answer: in Chuckles's room, of course). The temp was 105.1. It wasn't Chuckles. It was Mr. A fever that high in an adult is alarming, to say the least. I went and got our more traditional non-rectal thermometer (it's oral). (a sidenote on thermometers: ear is grea tfor a ballpark to let you know if you need to bother with the rectal in kids or the oral in adults. It's quick and easy - not super accurate, but close enough to let you know if further digging is required...much easier than rectal....oh, and my basal body temp digital thermometer is now our rectal thermometer, so I guess I'll never chart again.) Anyway, the Mr. had a 104.0 fever when taken by traditional oral thermometry. So, he was useless all weekend (unless the use you need is for someone to watch Animaniacs on DVD from the couch). He's a good guy and tolerated his illness well. I forced him via gunpoint to take something for the fever because he's one of those people who gets seizures and bursts blood vessels in his eyes if his fever gets too high, and that was one of the last things I needed.
Before he got sick, Mr. Long-Suffering bought us a new bed. I am not a big fan of it. It's rather firm. But I got a good price on it. The first night on the new bed, I barely slept between the frequent fever checks and a baby who thinks screaming "MaMa" at full power (oh-ho-ho, my baby goes up to eleven) is a good activity to do every 90 minutes all night long (he requires no intervention, I think he does it in his sleep...his sleep, not mine). I'm hoping the bed works out because I dropped our old one at Goodwill today for the tax deduction along with a TV.

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