Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Al Gore

Dear Al,
Thanks for inventing the internet. I found such great things this weekend.

You must watch this video It's Hugh Grant from Music and Lyrics and it's teh video from his Wham!-like earlier career. The video and song are pitch-perfect mid-80s. Oh my gosh, when the guys in teh band are dancing back and forth, well, PoP! went my heart. You must watch it. The song is good too. It was written by the same guys who did That Thing You Do. But the video is not a parody - more of an impersonation and it's good. All it needed to be totally 80s was a mirror shattering somewhere with the picture of the lost girlfriend breaking.

And here is the video of the Muppets doing Menominom It's terribly catchy. It was the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Song.

I also googled two odd thing this weekend for Chuckles: Dogs in Hats and found this video
I also discovered that there will be a movie this summer about a fire dog who wears hats.

I also googled "Pictures of Backhoes" and found this awesome website from some association of construction professionals. Chuckles sat on my lap for almost an hour as I read to him about the different kinds of construction machinery.

In conclusion, thanks Al, you saved me.

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