Thursday, November 02, 2006

Absentee Ballot mostly done

What's with candidates not having official websites. Dang it's hard to fine good info. Here's how I'm feeling:
US Senator: Libertarian
Sec of State: Libertarian
Auditor of State: Republican
Treasurer of State: Democrat
US Rep: Republican who specifically endorsed the Fair Tax HR25 bill which I LOVE
State Senator: Republican
State Rep: Libertarian (my husband will vote for hte Republican as a protest vote against the incumbent democrat who will (inevitably) win)
Prosecuting Attorney for Cicuit Court: Democrat
County Sheriff: Republican
County Assessor: Republican (really a vote AGAINST the democrat who screwed us)
Count Council: Not voting - couldn't find enough info
Township ASsessor: Note voting - no info
Township Trustee: Note voting - no info
Township Board Member: Vote for 3 of the 4 (3 are democrats, one Republican (and woman)) - no idea how to vote on this
Shall the judges be retained?: 4 yes votes, and one no on the person scheduled to report to prison shortly

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