Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Have I mentioned that we don't have cable TV at my house? My theory is I don't need to watch that much TV. I am staying with my SIL and her husband right now (as it's middle of the work week for me). They have eleventy billion TV channels beamed to their living room via outer space satellite. I'm unimpressed. Honest to gosh, there is nothing worth watching on TV and their remote is enough to drive me completely fricking crazy. You push the button and it takes an entire second for it to respond. I'm four channels ahead by then. Oh, and I don't know how to turn their TV off, so I just turn the volume down and hope for the best when I push POWER and hold it until some things switch off (they have satellite, TV, receiver, speakers, etc...lots of stuff).

Also, between Mr. Long-Suffering and my BIL, a multimeter is used almost daily in a quest to repair or trouble shoot something mechanical or electrical. Mr. Long-Suffering did fix the Elmo doll the other day. Not only was the battery dead but the little spring where the battery attaches was shorted to something, so Mr. L-S had things to fix. He was in heaven.

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