Monday, November 06, 2006

My Favorite Things

In honor of my new, part-time housewife status, I am channeling my inner-Oprah and will now list My Favorite Things (these are things - not people, feelings or relationships....this is stuff you can buy with cold, hard cash). Now, in no particular order:

* Max Factor Lipfinity lip color. It lasts 24 hours. It rocks the house. You have to remove it with make up remover, but no need to reapply at all. So, if you're out on the town and only want to bring a small clutch, you can leave your lipstick at home to make more room for your transit card and house keys. Also, if you don't like the colors available, pick something neutral and smear it over your regular lipstick. It will lock your regular lipstick into place all day. Some people don't like it because it's not creamy (maybe even a little dry feeling). It comes with a glosser you can put over the top, but I use it without.

* L'oreal Color Stay Nail color. It lasts 3 weeks unless you are like me and pick and peel at it. On toe nails, it will last until your nails grow out. It is difficult to remove with polish remover, but so worth it if you can go one whole week without the need to repolish.

* Huggies Overnites - uhm, for overnight wetness protection - for the boy, not me.

* Baby Basics diapers and Baby Basics Supreme (available at Albertson's, Acme, and Jewel foodstores) - good daytime diaper at 11-16 cents per that's a deal. The Supreme are even good overnight, but I get the sinking suspicion they have stopped making them.

* Gap Classic Fit jeans

* Trader Joe's Balsamic roasted vegetable mix (frozen bag 'o veggies)

* Costco's own Kirkland brand soy milk (vanilla and regular) - only 88 cents/quart compared to $2/quart for EdenSoy in the supermarket

* Innkeeper's best 18 grain and flax seed bread

* Kroger brand whole sugar snap peas & Kroger golden flax and grain bread

* Stores that price match and honor competitor coupons and pricing.

So, what do you like?

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