Monday, November 27, 2006

Pity Me

Everyone here at Casa Sarcastic has a cold. Some of us are small and don't know how to cover our coughs (Chuckles, I'm looking at you).

Some of us are big and want our sleep but small dictators are preventing that with their demands. Speaking of demands, nap time is over as I am pretty sure he just knocked the crib off of its wheels.

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  1. Sarcastic Carrie - I feel your pain. Even though I recently received your voice mail, it has taken everything I have to muster up the energy to call you back. I think I have the flu. I think someone beat me up while I was not looking yesterday. There was no dinner last night. No breakfast or lunch today. Nothing is my friend today. It's a hangover only worse as there was no beer or wine. There are chills however and I'm oh so tired. I would go home but 2 other people in my little group have called off today. Slackers. I'm sure this is TMI for your blog. But I thought you should know.

    Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe Sarcastic Carrie call tomorrow? I oh so miss her. Hope Chuckles and Mommy get better.