Friday, November 03, 2006

Speaking of Shopping

I am soliciting gifts ideas for the following (please leave ideas in the comments):

2.5 year old girl
9 month old boy
13 year old boy (no clue..he doesn't do sports)
11 year old girl (clothes, right?)
5 year old girl
one mother-in-law
one father-in-law (can be a joint gift with MIL and I already got them photos of their grandson)
one mother and her husband (she likes candles, clothes, and picture frames)
one father and his wife (I think I have an idea for them)
one husband (was going to get him the cold heat soldering iron but the amazon reviews were bad-bad-bad, so I need another tool or gadget or battery or flashlight or LED or crank-powered anything or something...)

1 comment:

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