Monday, November 27, 2006


I got an email today from an old friend. We went to HS together, way back in the day. Anyway, we email regularly, but we lost touch for the last year or so. He emailed my work but it bounced, so he emailed my house and I got it this morning. He recounted his year, so I recounted mine and here's how it went:
Turned 30
Kid turned 1
Emergency Appendectomy
Cut off my hair for charity
Cat died
New Job started
Quit old job (which is merging with a private equity fund...since he cares about that sort of thing)
House for sale
Please buy my house
Looking to relocate
Please buy my house - I have good schools
Did I mention my house is roomy?

So that's my year in review, Cliff's Notes style. Would you like to buy my house?

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