Monday, November 13, 2006

How I Know without a doubt that I am a MOM

I used to catch myself humming commercials jingles (Buy Mennon, or that Dr. Pepper commercial that went Doo Doo Du Doo-Du, Doo Doo du-Do, menominmon, and so on). Now, I find myself in my own private Fisher Price-inducaed hell humming "Hop on Board/The Animal Train/People Everywhere...colors, sizes, what they eat..." And so on. This is the Fisher Price Animal Choo Choo and I have decided that it is the worst toy in the whole world. Chuckles loves it. I have convinced him that it lives at Target and we can visit it, but it lives there and can't come home with us because its mommy would be sad if it left.
It's actually quite a charming toy, but Chuckles knows how to turn it on and make it play music. Two things I just cannot stand. It does apparently have a volume selector though, which I LOVE. I think I will buy this toy for my nephew; he can drive his parents nuts and Chuckles can visit the toy there.
If you'd like to buy this for your own niece or nephew, here is the amazon link....
It got 5 stars at amazon and is back ordered, so it must be good. And Chuckles loves it.

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