Monday, November 20, 2006

Let the Holiday Baking Commence

I started my Christmas baking officially today. See photo. These are Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies. I care enough to make homemade cookies. I do not, however, care enough to do them really nicely. I only made stars and Christmas trees this year. Then I just pulled the leftover dough off the parchment paper and made free form cookies. It's a holiday Rorschach test.
Left to Right, Top to Bottom
A nice Christmas tree, a horse galloping off into the sunset, a candy cane made like a play-dough snake, a sombrero (or alternately, a Christmas candle and base), a snake (or if you look at it sideways, it's a guy on a rowing machine), right below the snake on the middle right line is Santa's sleigh (or what is left over after the Christmas tree trunk has been removed), Bottom Row: a nice Christmas tree; a red, white, and blue star because we are Americans dangit; a green, white, and red star because we are Italian Americans; a splat; and lastly either a dollar sign or a sea horse.
So this was "efficient". Here at Casa Sarcastic, we're all about the Lean Manufacturing.

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