Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blogging on Birth Control

One of my hobbies is to read up on birth control. I know the patch, the shot, the ring, the pills, the IUD, and every barrier method known to man or woman. I know which are a good idea, which are not, and which are contraindicated in whom.

Let's talk about pills. I've been on all kinds: tri-cyclens, monophasic, diphasic, POPs (mini-pills for use while breastfeeding), combination BCPs, and now Seasonale. Actually, I am on generic Seasonale, which is called Jolessa. With this pill, you take active pills for 11 weeks, and then have a week off for a "period" (when you're on teh pill it's not a real period, it's just your body's way of reacting to when you aren't taking the's a faux period). So, you only get four periods per year, or once per season, hence the name Seasonale. So far, I'm super happy. I had started to have some minor spotting with the mini pill and this put a quick end to that. I've only been on this for 2 weeks, but I'm thrilled so far, and if I don't have a period until January, so much the better.

I have heard of Yaz as well. Yaz is a pill that is "also FDA approved to treat the emotional and physical symptoms of PMDD. " I think PMDD is super duper PMS. With Yaz, you take 24 pills (instead of the normal 21). This lessens the withdrawl some women have from the hormones and gives them shorter, lighter periods. Yaz is a low estrogen pill too, so it might be easier for some women to take.

Loestrin 24 Fe is another 24 active pill dosing pill. This is a low estrogen pill to o and many women who do not tolerate other pills like this one because of the low estrogen and the average 1-3 day length of periods. It would probably also treat PMDD but is not specifically approved for that. I think the Fe stands for iron and the pill was originally designed for short periods to reduce anemia (reduce blood loss).

Loestrin 24Fe and Yaz use different progestins but theire estrogen levels and form are the same (20 micrograms).

There is another pill, which one, which one...hmmm, I can't remember its name and Lord Google is not answering my search. But, this pill has 21 active pills and the seven regular placebos, but there is a very low dose of estrogen in the placebos so that women who have headaches/migraines and bad stuff happen from the quick withdrawal from the hormones get some during that week as well. If anyone remembers the name of this one, put it in the comments.

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