Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's for dinner

In my slow cooker (aka Crock Pot) right now, there is chicken with carrots, celery, and onions. I may add cannellini beans. I will serve this concoction (oohhh, must add sage, thyme, and garlic) over quinoa (pronounced keen-wah, but I don't see how since it is clearly quinn-o-ah).

Anyway, according to wikipedia, quinoa is considered a supercrop by the United Nations due to its high protein content (it is also much more nutrient dense and has all the good fats (naturally found in breastmilk and the brains of smart people). Quinoa is used like a grain (like rice) but is more technically a psedo-cereal. It's pretty tasty - maybe a little earthy like wild rice. It's easy to fix but you have to rinse it first (which is a serious pain since the individual grains are the size of salt so you can do it in a strainer and a coffee filter takes way too long) because it is coated with Saponin, which protects it from birds and insects making it easy to grow.

Many people use it as flour in gluten-free baking. Withpeople now frequently being diagnosed with celiac disease, it is becoming easier to find in stores as people demand more gluten-free products and alternatives to rice flour.

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