Friday, November 17, 2006

I does not equal perfect

With all the commotion going around Casa Sarcastic, I got a little behind on balancing my check book. 2 months (plus November) to be exact. Well, let's just say the ledger and the computer do not match. I apparently forgot to write in 3 months of water bills and I neglected to record my October contribution to the joint checking account. Let's just say that three negatives and one positive leave the ledger a little messed up. I pride myself on my exacting recordkeeping. I guess I need to start priding myself on something else...let's see, cooking - nope, cleaning - nope, auto maintenance - nope, returning library books on time - nope, brushing my hair every day without fail - nope, laundry - perhaps, or my uncanny ability to post about boring topics.

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