Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What day of the week is it and I have nothing to say

So, is it Monday? The first day I went to work this week.
Is it Tuesday? The actual day that it is.
Is it Wednesday? The middle workday for most people.
Is it Thursday? The day before the last day of the week.

I have no idea. I'm here at SIL's house with nothing to do. Everyone is out for the evening and I hate their TV. So I guess I'll take a long bath and go to guest room #2 (some other loafing sister-in-law is staying in my guest room, dang here. Hi Shee Shee, we love you).

Did I tell you that Chuckles and I did Baby Pretzels yesterday (yoga for babies) or that I am making French Toast Casserole for Thanksgiving breakfast ( a new tradition my husband is starting because he is a big baby who cannot spend a holiday away from his mummy)? No? Well, we did and he is.

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