Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday's dinner

is in the slow cooker. We're having braised beef with lentils. I'm using a boneless 7-bone roast (no idea how that happens with no bones but it being a 7 bone roast). I put in 2 heads (approx 40 cloves) of garlic. Do you know how long it takes to peel that much garlic? About 15 solid minutes of me watching Chuckles pull potato mashers and wire wisks out of the drawer.

Speaking of reaching the drawers, just yesterday, Chuckles toddled out into the living room to hand my husband a knife - point first - that he had just liberated from the kitchen drawers. Oh yes, picture 18-month old is walking toward you...pointing a knife in your general direction.
So, now I have two options: keep a closer eye on him or get drawer locks.

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